Is Anything Normal?

Sunday School is on hold due to COVID-19.

We continue to work to stay connected with all of you during COVID-19. Our state is in Phase II of re-opening and we are thankful that we can invite you to worship with us in the Sanctuary. We are slowly allowing some groups to meet in the building again with proper social distancing. We look forward to the day when our parking lot is full again.  

Children's Sunday School


Main floor Education building

Room 104 (infant - Age 2)

Room 103 (Age 3 - 4)

Primary, Godly Play

Fellowship Hall building, upper floor

Room 220 - Grades K-2

Junior, Godly Play II

Fellowship Hall building. upper floor

Room 221 - Grades 3 - 5

Youth and Young Adult

Middle school

Grades 6 - 8

Education building, basement

Youth & Young adult

Senior High (grades 9-12) basement, Education bldg. 

Young Adult

Oops - I didn't save what we had here. I'm sorry.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Faith in Action

Room 214, Upper Floor, Fellowship Hall Building

The Present Word

As the class studies scripture weekly, they put their faith into action by collection money to help people in need. 


Room 216, Upper Floor, Fellowship Hall Building

Seekers enjoy fellowship together and explore God's Word in its historical context and seek its application to real life.


Room 218, Upper Floor, Fellowship Hall Building

Feasting on the Word

Adults of all ages study lectionary Bible passages that coincide with the day's worship service.

Senior Bible

Room 101, Main floor, Education Building

Uniform Lesson Series. Traditional Bible study led by a team that encourages much class discussion.