RRPC youth

Grades 6 - 12

Rocky River Presbyterian Church has a very active youth program. Our dedicated Youth Director, JD McNutt, and many adult volunteers help to keep the youth activities exciting and to encourage spiritual growth through engaging programs.  You do not have to be a member of RRPC to participate in our youth programs. Middle School Youth meet every Sunday evening from 5:00pm - 6:30pm and the High School Youth meet from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.  Dinner is served at 6:00pm for both groups.

In addition to the weekly activities on Sunday Night, we also have a teen Bible Study every Wednesday after the fellowship meal.  There are also many planned activities throughout the year.  Once a month we go to local area nursing homes to visit the elderly.  We volunteer at Homeless Shelters throughout the year and also help our older members with chores around their homes.  Our annual Adults vs. Youth Football game played on Super Bowl Sunday is something the youth look forward to every year!  We host an annual Kickball Game and a School Year Kickoff party on the Sunday before School starts.  There are trips to paintball centers, bowling, skating, whitewater center, corn mazes, movies, haunted houses and skiing.

One of the most anticipated trips of the Youth Program is the annual mission trip.  After a year of fundraising, it is a joy to see the fruits of their labor when going out to serve God by helping the less fortunate.  RRPC Youth have gone on trips to Mountaintop; Cherokee, NC; Blairsville, GA; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia, PA.  Various activities were performed such as working in soup kitchens, taking lunches out to the homeless and just talking with them, cleaning up public parks, home repairs, and home renovations such as adding decks / porches.

We invite all to come out and join our youth program.  Not only is it spiritually rewarding, but it is a BLAST with JD at the helm!  If you have any questions, call JD at 704-455-2479 or email at Youthrrpc@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you!  We have a great Youth group ready to meet you!

                           A note from jd               February  2017



Remember the snow a couple of weeks ago...and the ice that stuck around for a couple of days???  Well I found the ice. It was while I was driving down the road.  Honestly, I was not even speeding this time. I do love doing donuts in the snow and mud but this time I was actually doing under the speed limit.  I was driving along and then woohoo...the back end swings to the left.  Oh yeah!!


When I was growing up my best friend and I bought a Ford Pinto for $50.  You may have heard me talk about this car before because it was awesome.  We drove this car in the fields at his farm.  One thing we loved to do was go down this one hillside and pull up the emergency brake at the bottom and watch the world spin away.  I highly recommend trying this if you have a field and a

really cheap car that evidently, unbeknownst to us at that time, had a tendency to blowup and was taken off the market because of this condition :)  Eventually a small game developed.  Could you...while in the spin...get yourself out of it and continue up the other hillside?


Back end swinging to the left on Plaza Rd...thank goodness no cars were

coming for now it can be fun (should I really be doing this in the Honda?). 

I got this - no problem.  Back end swings a little bit to the right - it is all good.  On the way to the house!  Maybe I can find some more ice :)


Those days of playing in the Pinto paid off many times.  I think we both got our money's worth out of that car.  I hope all of us learn some wonderful

lessons in this new year of 2017.  Maybe they will be lessons from the church, from Sunday School, from me, from other youth, from mission work, from prayer and study.  However you learn them, I hope they are lessons that stick with you for a long time.  So when life throws a sudden ice patch at you...you will be ready :)


Youth Schedule for February

Wednesday, February 1 - Bible Study after dinner


Sunday, Feb. 2 - Youth vs Adult football game at 2pm; field off Pharr Mill Road


Wednesday, February 8 - Bible Study after dinner


Sunday, February 12 - youth (Middle School 5 - 6:30, High School 6-7:30)


Wednesday, February 15 - Bible Study after dinner


Sunday, February 19 - Visit to Carillon


February 25-26 - Ski Trip :)


I hope to see you soon!


Youth events

Here are our upcoming events for the youth...hope to see you all again soon!

February 1st—Bible Study 6:45

February 5th—Souper Bowl Sunday ● Football Game @ 2:00pm

February 8th—Bible Study 6:45

February 12th—MS Youth 5:00 HS Youth 6:00pm

February 15th—Bible Study 6:45

February 19th—Lunch and Carillon

February 25th and 26th—Ski Trip to Winterplace

Call JD at 704-455-2479 or email him at YouthRRPC@gmail.com for additional information.