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It’s ALWAYS a great time to get back in the Sunday School habit or to try out a new class!

Nurseries: (birth-age 2) Room 104; and (ages 3-4) Room 103, Main floor Education bldg.

Primary (grades K-2) Room 203, Upper floor, Education bldg., Godly Play

Junior (Gr. 3-5) Room 204, Upper floor, Education bldg., Advanced Godly Play

Children’s Chimes rehearsals:  CHIMES IS ON HOLD UNTIL THE FALL

Children’s Chimes practices have been going really well. We have been  blessed to have one of our children chime the hour at worship service each week and look forward to having them all perform in the near future. 

From the DCE’s Corner

Is “Volunteer” a bad word?

As I write this, the Christian Education committee is making plans for Christian Education Volunteer Appreciation, a special day when we can honor the many people it takes to make education and faith formation happen here.

I just read a fellow DCE’s blog that disagrees with using the term “volunteer” for unpaid helpers in the church. She says that volunteering is what you do at a place that is important to you, but not at a place that belongs to you—things like picking up trash at a nearby park or building a Habitat house, or helping at your kids’ school. Basically, she says, you cannot “volunteer” at your own church, just as you cannot babysit your own child (parents just parent their children!). The church belongs to you just as your family does, so of course you help take care of it and its people whom you love. This is much more than volunteering; it is serving your church family in community.

Serving means that you mark those days on the calendar with a reminder so that you don’t forget it. Serving means that you plan ahead to get to church on time, whether everyone in the family looks spit-and-polished or not. Serving is not always convenient in your life but you honor the commitments you have made or find a substitute in plenty of time. Serving means that you are contributing to something bigger than you, something that’s part of who you are. Servants don’t just serve their own but serve all those who are part of their mission.

So in a few weeks, as we recognize and honor all those folks who serve the church in the Christian Education program, let’s remember that we don’t just belong to the church—it belongs to us. These servants are caring for that which is ours.

It’s a good thing to have a staff person for Christian Education. It speaks volumes about who we are as a church and what things are important to us. But one staff person cannot hold a candle to the individuals who use their gifts to teach all of us about the faith, through regular programming, special events, and everyday life. Volunteering, Serving, Discipleship, whatever we call it—it is ministry together, and RRPC is blessed for it.

Celebrating First Communion

On March 26th, Maggie Hartsell, James Ide, and Bella Rockel participated in the  Sacraments Class. They worked through several activities and learned more about the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Through the concepts of Remembering, Forgiving, Community, and Thanksgiving, they learned that the Lord’s Supper is a special meal where we give thanks to God for God’s faithfulness to God’s people throughout the ages, in the present, and on into the future. They will be recognized and welcomed to the table during the communion service on Easter Sunday, April 16th. Congratulations to Maggie, James, and Bella on this special milestone along their faith journeys!

Sunday school classes

Rocky River Presbyterian offers Sunday School Classes for all of God's Children.

All teachers are members of the Church and have completed a background check.

Click Here to learn more about the classes listed below.

Scouting News

Cub Scout Pack 83

The Cub Scouts are here on Thursday evenings.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts have also resumed their meetings on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm at the scout hut. They are working on merit badges and we have two eagle scouts working on their projects. 

Girl Scouts

We have four different Girl Scout Troops that meet at various times each month.

If anyone is interested in getting more information on Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Daisies or Girl Scouts please contact the following people: 

CUB SCOUT INFORMATION— Contact Jason Schultz at


BOY SCOUT INFORMATION— Contact Tom Kauffman at