Clipping Coupons for the military

Did you know that overseas military members can use expired coupons up to six months past their expiration date?  Military families stationed overseas are often living on one income and money can be scarce.  Let’s support our military by showing them some coupon love!

Please join us in sending your unused or expired coupons to Military Families.


Eligible Coupons:

• Manufacturer coupons only! (No restaurant or store coupons)

• Coupons are good for 6 months after the expiration date. Please include coupons no more than 2 months past expiration.

• Coupons need to be single cut.

How do I sort the coupons?

Coupons need to be divided into 7 individual groups as listed below:

1. FOOD – self explanatory

2. PERSONAL – tooth care, deodorants, shaving products, cosmetics, feminine products, shampoo, body soaps, lotions, contact lens products, foot products, sun screen, lip balm

3. BABY and INFANT – diapers, wipes, formula, infant medicines, infant vitamins, toys

4. DRUG – pain relievers, allergy medication, sinus medication, constipation, diabetes products, weight loss products, supplements, vitamins, bandages, first aid products

5. CLEANING – detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dish soap, dishwasher powders and tabs, bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, carpet cleaning products

6. HOUSEHOLD – facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, household tools (mops, brooms, soap dispensers), batteries, air fresheners, antibacterial wipes, insect repellant, disposal additives, garden products, insect killing products

7. PET – self explanatory

Use your best judgement on whatever you find that doesn’t fit and you will probably be fine.

Label the Bundles

• Try to use a baggie to separate your coupons instead of paper clips or rubber bands.

• You may put them in zip lock baggies or envelopes and put into the provided basket in the Vestibule.

• We have also put some packets in the Vestibule for your convenience.  Pick up a packet, clip and sort your coupons and return to the basket.  Please do not seal the envelopes so they may be reused.

We welcome any donations to help cover shipping costs.   A dollar or two really helps.

Thanks so much for helping in this Ministry!

If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Clark at 704-596-0062 or email at