Cemetery guidelines

Guidelines Governing the Cemeteries


Rocky River Presbyterian Church

794 Rocky River Road

Concord, NC 28028

704-455-2479 www.rockyriver.org

Updated 2017

Rocky River Presbyterian Church owns the Spears Graveyard, located off Lower Rocky River Road, the Old Rocky River Cemetery off Rocky River Road, the Rocky River Cemetery, adjacent to the Sanctuary and the New Rocky River Cemetery across from the sanctuary. Rocky River Presbyterian Church provides a cemetery as a service for the burial of church members. The following rules and regulations are in place to maintain the dignity and sanctity of the various Church cemeteries. 

Pricing: Until December 31 2017, the cost of one 4 ½ by 9’ grave in the New Rocky River Cemetery will be $600. Effective January 1, 2018, the cost will be $900 for one grave. These prices are offered to active members of Rocky River Presbyterian Church.


The Rocky River In-ground Ashes Cemetery is a dedicated in-ground section for cremated remains of members. The cost of interment in the In-ground Ashes Cemetery shall be $250.00 per interment. The Cemetery Committee provides a granite marker number that coincides with the In-ground directory. The family must provide a small nameplate which is compatible with the Rocky River In-ground directory. This nameplate must contain the name, at least birth year and year of death.

The Cemetery Committee shall have the option of deferred payment for plots in cases of extreme hardship.

Active Rocky River Presbyterian Church families may ordinarily purchase grave plots that best matches the number of members in a household family unit. The family unit may increase in later years and extend for the care of a dependent family household member. When active church members select graves(s) at Rocky River Presbyterian Church, the member is actually buying a license for burial in a specific grave/plot for his/her immediate household members. The Cemetery is the property of Rocky River Presbyterian Church. Rocky River Cemetery behind the church is closed for future sale of plots. The grave opening, closing and removal of memorial burial flowers from the graves in all the cemeteries shall be the responsibility of the family assigned to the grave/plot.

Persons with family plots purchased prior to 2017 in the New Rocky River Cemetery that have space for additional grave(s) may continue to use those plots for interment of the family members. No sale or transfer of assigned burial license shall be made to a third party or non-members. If a grave/plot assignee wishes to return graves to the Church, he shall do so through the Cemetery Committee. Refunds for returned plots will not exceed the original grave transaction price. All transactions, refunds of fees and transfer of grave/plot(s) shall be made through the Rocky River Cemetery Committee.

Rocky River Church strives to maintain the church cemeteries with a peaceful and respective appearance for all families of those interred. The church reserves the right to remove from all cemeteries any and all objects deemed inappropriate by the Cemetery Committee and/or Rocky River Presbyterian Church. No person shall plant, cut or trim any herbage of any kind or place or erect any monument copings, walls, fencing, or place object(s) that can inhibit the mowing and trimming of cemetery grounds, or affix objects or erect monuments or structures of any kind or build or construct any foundation or form grade, place any form of lighting, as the cemeteries are closed for visitation from dusk till dawn, dig up or move any Cemetery location markers, or deposit any material upon any burial lot or portion of Rocky River Presbyterian church except by the consent of the Cemetery Committee of Rocky River Presbyterian Church. The families that choose to honor a family members with flowers, United States flags or United States Service flags, on the graves, are responsible for their removal when those memorial’s become weather worn.

Funeral Service Cremation burials and/or other private family cremation burials in the New Rocky Cemetery will be limited to 3 burials per one 4’1/2” by 9’ grave. A single cremation burial that is not one of the three per grave plots, shall cost $400 dollars per 2’ by 2’ grave site.

Rocky River Presbyterian Church requires that all full casket burials have a type of burial vault or casket liner in the New Rocky River Cemetery. All full casket burials and cremation burials in the New Rocky River Cemetery shall have a burial marker that identifies the deceased. This marker may be a large stone monument not to exceed a base size of 9’ in length or a ground level stone or metal marker not less than 1 foot by 2 feet by 1 inch which may be used as either a head or foot marker at ground level. A cremation memorial stone that will be installed at ground level should not ordinarily exceed 3 feet in width and 2 feet in length. The full name with at least the year of birth and year of death should be the minimum information on any size marker. A period of time of 8 to 12 months is needed to allow the ground to

settle before the placement of any memorial stones.

Placement of any monument in the cemetery must be confined to the burial plot. If any marker settlement occurs resulting in head stone distortion or a foot marker sinking, it is the family’s responsibility to have them reinstalled. The monument company installing any monument shall install large markers with a base thickness of greater than three inches, shall dig a footing foundation 8 inches deep, the length and width of the monument base and a backfill of 6 inches with a dry mix of Sakrete 5000 plus Concrete (or later equivalent) or a dry mix of 3 parts aggregate mixed with 1 part Portland Cement. This foundation base is to be tamped and leveled prior to setting the monument base. The monument stone shall be affixed to the monument base with setting compound. If the monument stone or military memorial marker is to be placed at ground level and the stone is less than 3 inches thick, a 3 inch foundation base with 2 inch backfill of either of the above listed dry concrete mix is required. A member of the Cemetery committee will be marking the footprint of the foundation base to be installed. The cemetery committee wishes to work with the family and monument companies with regard to monument installation. A monument company is expected make arrangements for a cemetery committee member to be at the installation at a specific time. The removal of surplus dirt is the responsibility of the funeral companies or monument installing company.

Any alterations or repairs to markers in the Rocky River Cemeteries, especially the two historical cemeteries Spears Graveyard and Old Rocky River Cemetery must have prior approval of the Cemetery Committee.